Monday, December 28, 2009

This one is titled "Summit Meeting between Six Avocados and One Persimmon".

This one "Summit Meeting Between One Lemon and Six Avocados"

Discovered Pomelos in my son's backyard the other day. They are huge and tasty. Natural light on images is so beautiful, especially when it's coming through windows for some reason.

Lately, I've been composing still lifes to photograph. It is a simple and creative way of taking interesting photos.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Navidad 2009

I have always been a foto buff and have an enormous collection of shots I've taken for years. Many of them are still on 35mm slides which I someday how to transfer to digital.

Since I accidentally spilled coffee on my old 35mm that I had place at my feet and it died, I have progressed to point and shoot digital camera and am amazed at some of the stuff I am still able to do.

I own a digital Nikon CoolPix and on occasion still pull off a good shot. I hate the flash and try to capture the beauty of natural light on my surroundings, not always an easy task.
These are some of the special ornaments I have collected over the years.
I find that good natural lighting and composition, the angle or the way the images are arranged on the page is critical to a photo I am pleased with.
But I miss my old telefoto lenses!